Our Mission

Support underfunded communities in the Philippines.




Thanks to our successful charity events and generous sponsors we've been continuing our dedicated work towards sharing the dream of living a better life with our brothers and sisters in the Philippines.

Since 2011, we have have raised over $50,000 Australian dollars. These funds have aided charity projects in education, medical missions, and emergency disaster relief. As a non-profit organisation improving the lives of others - we use the funds from charity events to carry out missions each year.

Our Charity Projects in the Philippines

  • Education

    • Building classrooms, donating textbooks and school materials, gift giving, and feeding programs for students

  • Healthcare

    • Cataract operations for the elderly and free cleft lip palate surgery for both children and adults

  • Elderly Care

    • Dinner for the elderly hosted at different times of the year

  • Emergency Disaster Relief

    • Natural disaster aid and emergency care